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 Win this awesome IT Dusters CompuCleaner Original Electric Air Duster!

Strong enough to give you that wind tunnel face and destroy dust!

80 tickets in total!  🎫 8pp max 🔥 £1.49 per entry

Open to UK & NI Only


Shaz won! Are you next?


From Manufacturer:

Always Ready & Reliable

One of the main benefits of having an electric air duster is that the device will never run out of power and is always ready for you to use. Unlike aerosol air spray cans which soon loose power, the CompuCleaner Original 2 produces a consistent and never ending supply of clean and dry air. Simply connect to mains power using the 3 metre long cable, select your nozzle attachment and get cleaning.

British Engineering & Service

Backed up by quality British engineering and service, you can rely on CompuCleaner to be there when you need it.

Premium Materials

We use a premium static dissipative, gloss protective coating and heavy-duty braided cables to maximise the lifetime and

Deeper Cleaning

With a simple flick of a switch, you are able to accurately direct a powerful stream of fresh air to remove dust from hard to reach and delicate locations.

Cleaning sensitive electronics can be a challenge and it is always best to minimise contact where possible. Because the CompuCleaner Original 2 only uses air, it allows you to clean electronics thoroughly without needing to touch the application. The CompuCleaner is also great for everyday cleaning tasks in hard to reach areas like… behind radiators, light fittings and under cabinets.

Reduce Waste, Save Money

Part of our design philosophy is to minimize waste and maximise value for money. By replacing the need for disposable air spray cans, the CompuCleaner saves you money and reduces waste in the long run.

The powerful yet energy-efficient mains powered motor, allows the CompuCleaner to deliver sustainable high-performance cleaning which will last years… not seconds like canned air sprays!

British Innovation & Support

The CompuCleaner Original 2 is the latest edition of the bestselling electric air duster range from IT Dusters. Engineered in UK, this freshly updated model features a new premium gloss paint finish and heavy duty braided power cord.

The flagship 500 Watt internal power unit has been further optimised to deliver enhanced power at lower working temperatures. This combined with innovative changes to the internal air channels, creates a powerful stream of fresh and filtered air which can remove even the most stubborn dust.

         Whats in the Box?

  • 500 Watt, UK Plug CompuCleaner
  • Air Knife Nozzle
  • Pin-Point Nozzle
  • Long Reach Directional Nozzle
  • Brush Nozzle
  • Heavy Duty Braided Power Cord
  • Replacement Foam Filter
  • Instruction Booklet

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