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Win a Pokemon Sword & Shield Battlestyles Booster Box (36 Packs)!

265 tickets in total!  🎫 30pp max 🔥  £0.99 an Entry 
Open to UK & NI Only
Jade won a Pokemon competition! Are you next?

Charge into the fray with the Pokemon Trading Card Game: Battle Styles!

The next chapter in the Sword and Shield series is here! Battle Styles brings forward a new mechanic , the Strike system. Using this, as well as the wealth of cards added that play around this ability, you can use power plays much earlier. The stars of the show, Urshifu – Rapid Strike and Urshifu – Single Strike show this in style! Rapid Strike Pokemon want to play tricky and sway in and out of battle, slowly chipping away the opponent’s health! Single Strike, though, comes packed with attacks dealing over 200 damage in some cases! Watch out though, they’re not completely safe! You could end up losing energies, items or even benched Pokemon in return for this powerful onslaught!

Other Pokemon return with a vengeance as well! For a Rapid Strike deck, options like Empoleon V, Octillery and Mienshao can form a strong backline. Trainer cards like Fan of Waves, Tower of Waters and Korrina’s Focus will also help out! Single Strike packs powerhouses like Primape, Tyranitar V and Houndoom to really lay the smackdown! With Bruno and Single Strike Scroll of Scorn on your side, your opponent will definitely feel it!

Each Booster Pack contains 10 packs, and each box contains 36 packs.

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When will the competition end?

This competition will end on the closing date or once all the tickets are sold. No draw extensions, ever. Thats our promise!

How do I get my ticket numbers?

All ticket numbers are randomly generated and allocated with your order, please check your order confirmation (check spam as it sometimes ends up in there) or your order history in your account.

How will the winner be selected?

Once the competition closes, for complete fairness and transparency, we go Live via Facebook and Twitch and we use Google’s random number generator to as its name-sake suggests; select a lucky entrant at random. For example: If 250 tickets are sold, the number generator randomly selects a number between 1 and 250 – The number selected could be yours!
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We will contact you directly to arrange delivery with you. We will always use a trusted courier with a tracking service to ensure the safe delivery of your item(s).

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