About Us

Astro A50 Competition

The Company

CompCity was launched with the sole intention of offering you the opportunity to own the latest and greatest in Gaming Hardware and Tech whilst building a community of like-minded people. We aim to offer competitive fixed odd competitions and giveaways on premium products. This means you’ll get a chance at owning some epic tech at the fraction of the cost. 

The Team

The Treasurer


Console player turned hardcore PC Gamer

The Mayor


A validated PC Master Race member and a PC Master Builder.

Our History

Our foundations are built on the equivalent to loot rarity level: Legendary in friendship, a whopping 20 years of friendship in fact! Combined we have spent countless hours in many a virtual world. All those experiences have led us to launch CompCity to share our love of gaming and tech with you guys.

CompCity Top Tech & Gaming Giveaways

Our Promise

Why choose us?

What makes us different to the other competition websites? CompCity is here for hardcore gamers who love the latest tech! With our background’s in gaming combined with engineering, electronics and audio/visual we will always be geared towards hardcore gamers and tech enthusiasts who want the best out of their systems and experience.

We will NEVER extend the closing date of competitions! We have been customer’s of sites who do and would never do that to our customers, we are completely transparent with every aspect of the business and do not offer cash alternatives. If a competition does not sell out, the prize still gets drawn and delivered to the winner.


Join our growing community over on discord! Make new friends, game with our community, have a say on what competitions we list next, have access to exclusive giveaways/discounts or just drop a meme or two and hang out!