Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
This document outlines the cookie usage practices of Compcity Limited.

Understanding Cookies
Cookies are small text files saved on your computer while visiting certain websites. These files contain information accessible to a web server, indicating whether a user has previously visited the site. Cookies are non-intrusive and don’t store sensitive data. They primarily serve to customize a webpage according to user preferences, such as remembering usernames and passwords.

Compcity Limited’s Cookie Practices
At Compcity Limited, cookies are employed to enhance the website’s user experience and to track how visitors navigate the site. These cookies are strictly used for analytical reasons, and Compcity Limited assures that no personal data is collected through them.

Communication and Cookies
When reaching out to Compcity Limited through the website, any personal details provided are stored only in Compcity Limited’s server database and not in cookies.

Utilizing Compcity Limited’s Online Services To interact with Compcity Limited’s social media content or to send inquiries through the website, it’s necessary for your browser to accept cookies. Without enabling cookies, accessing Compcity Limited’s social media feeds or utilizing contact forms on the website will not be possible.