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 Win this indulgent Hotel Chocolat: The Signature Cabinet!

All the indulgence and none of the guilt as ALL proceeds will go to Charity!

200 tickets in total!  🔥 20 pp max 🎟 £1.99 per entry!

ENDS 4pm Tomorrow - Drawn from 5pm!

Open to UK & NI Only
Terry Entered a Charity Comp. Now he bathes in Freddos, are you next?
 As a reminder: for the whole of November, we will be raising money for Men's Mental Health, also known as Movember, as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Foundation. As you've seen in the past we have run surprise charity competitions as well as pre-organized charity competitions. We will be aiming to run 1 charity competition a week throughout the month with some added surprise competitions on top! (this is where we don't tell you it was a charity competition until the draw ) Any money that is raised this month will be split 50/50 between the 2 charities! If you'd like to see us donate a good amount to charity this month, then please get involved into our competitions to help us do good and potentially win big yourself! You can read more about the charities and donate directly here: Movember - Pink Ribbon Foundation -
From Manufacturer:

It's time to throw caution to the wind: show someone how you truly feel with this glorious showcase of more than 100 of our best-loved chocolates. We keep all our working creations in a cabinet just like this in our inventing room, so we know that there's a frisson of excitement that comes with opening every drawer. Whether you're hiding a certain piece of jewellery in one of the apertures or hoping to surprise a group of friends, this spectacular collection never fails to make an impression.


We think a chocolate box like this should be celebrated, and we want you to join in with us - inside this cabinet find the tropical punch of a Passion Fruit Margarita, or the refreshing and aromatic taste of our Mojito, strong on the rum. For those who like their booze neat, our Whiskey Truffle carries notes of apple blossom and heather, with a smoky undertone.


Perfect for the little ones (and adults alike) we’ve taken the summer tastes of a fruity smoothie and put them into our chocolate. Think tropical fragrance from our Mango Smoothie, wrapped in high cocoa butter white, or the naturally sweet berry burst in our Strawberry Smoothie. We only use natural ingredients - never artificial, to help us capture all the authentic fruity flavours.


For those who always look forward to dessert, our chocolatiers have reimagined the best bakes and puds for you to enjoy. Whether you’re always tempted to reach for a Raspberry Macaron in a dainty baker’s shop, or are after a fuss-free dessert after dinner, The Signature Cabinet has something for everyone.

An extra-special gift for a loved one, or a show-stopping treat to serve guests, this cabinet has all your favourites stored away safely. There’s more than enough to go around - the only trouble you’ll face is how long you can make it last!


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Hotel Chocolat: The Signature Cabinet

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